Monday, August 17, 2015

Orchids in the Dirt

At Christmas, the boss at my former part-time job gave every employee a lovely and delicate orchid plant as a gift. Included with it were detailed, explicit instructions for its care. 

I tried to follow those instructions, and I managed to keep the plant alive for awhile. But a few months ago, the orchid was clearly dead and had become an eyesore on the top of my piano. I dumped the stiff, brown stalk outside by the side of the house and forgot about it.

Yesterday I walked past the shed,  gratefully inspecting the clean-up my oldest son had done there. I looked down and noticed with surprise what looked like silk flowers in the dirt. It was the orchid, blooming beautifully all this time, unseen but still magnificent.

There are situations in life that we almost give up on. There are problems that chill and disquiet the heart.  And there are circumstances that threaten to derail any hope of peace or calm stability. 

And then the God who loves with an everlasting love reminds us through orchids in the dirt that He is there, He cares, and He is working His will, His answers to our prayers, in unseen but glorious ways that will - soon - be evident. 

He is truly safe to trust.